NSI and Kalman Filter Toolbox 2.0 for MATLAB®

The Navigation System Integration and Kalman Filter Toolbox provides a variety of functions and examples for users to perform both loose and tightly-coupled integration of inertial navigation systems (INS) with satellite-based navigation systems such as GPS. The toolbox also provides examples of stand-alone GPS kalman filter architectures.

The links below provide examples:


Highlights of the toolbox include GPS stand-alone 8-state and 11-state extended Kalman filters, state-space inertial error modeling, loosely-coupled GPS/INS Kalman filter integration and tightly-coupled GPS/INS Kalman filter integration.

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NSI and Kalman Filter Toolbox 2.0 for MATLAB
All functions provided as ASCII M-files
Open Architecture!
All functions can be edited and modified by the user.
Extensive user manual included
Numerous example programs included!
1 Year of Tech Support included!

Both the GPSoft INS and SatNav Toolboxes are REQUIRED to use the NSI&KF Toolbox