INS Toolbox for MATLAB®

The INS Toolbox provides the necessary functions to emulate a wide variety of inertial sensors from RLG’s and FOG’s down to MEMS sensors via user-defined sensors errors such as biases, scale factor error and noise.

A key feature is the F-16 six degree-of-freedom (6DOF) trajectory generator with simulated feedback control. This greatly enhances the fidelity of the simulated trajectories as well as that of the simulated inertial sensor outputs. The toolbox contains functions that allow the user to define a dynamic trajectory in a local-level coordinate frame and then perform a full INS simulation in the rotating earth frame.

The INS Toolbox is fully compatible with the GPSoft SatNav Toolbox and both are utilized in GPSoft’s Navigation System Integration & Kalman Filter Toolbox.

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Inertial Navigation System Toolbox 3.0
All functions provided as ASCII M-files
Open Architecture!
All functions can be edited and modified by the user.
210 page user manual included
Over two dozen example programs included!
1 Year of Tech Support included!